These magnificent spaces, combining modern commodities with the nostalgia of an atmosphere full of unique flavours and aromas, invite any visitor to travel back in time.

The dining room is in what used to be the main room of the house, and it can cater for up to twenty people at the long white marble dinner table.
Just like all of the rest of the Main House, the walls of this area still display the original stencils.  This room is the main axis of the house and its decoration faithfully reflects a style of yesteryear.
This was the original water storage tank used to irrigate the Hacienda’s vegetable gardens, although the owners had already started to use it as a place of leisure in the early days of the 20th century. It has currently been fitted-out with a solar heating system.
This vast terrace area is common to many Yucatan style haciendas. In this case it overlooks the property´s central courtyard, and no one who visits us can leave without relaxing here with some refreshments, while enjoying the sunset.
This cool terrace opens out onto the Hacienda’s vegetable garden, and is used both as a resting area and as an annex to the neighboring dining room, with seating for up to twelve diners.