The San Antonio Millet Hacienda is located within a preserved natural habitat that houses centuries old flora and fauna.

Here we see a view of the main façade of the Housekeeper’s Quarters.
A view of the Machine Workshop, which was used up until 1980 to shave (defiber) the sisal plants grown on the Hacienda’s land and on neighbouring properties.
Facing the majestic yet eclectic façade of the Main House –and in the center of the Hacienda´s inner courtyard- the Counts of Miraflores placed a pond for their ducks and planted two carob trees, which today still cast a proud shadow.
The Hacienda chapel was opened on this side of the square towards 1920, in order to house the image of the property´s saint, St. Anthony of Lisbon, better known as St. Anthony of Padua.
This garden evokes the European taste of the hacienda’s owners during the ‘Belle Époque’.
Two rows of palm trees were planted in 1997, next to what used to be the old sisal drying area, and leading to the old warehouse.